"Freshi is always fresh."

Freshi's Story

Freshi is not only hand-crafted gelato on a stick it’s made out of 100% natural ingredients. 

All 22 of flavors are made out of freshly frozen fruits. Freshi is to be served & eaten with in four days from its production, so 

“Freshi is always fresh.” 

We offer a healthy dessert that has all the taste and freshness of handcrafted natural ingredients, with 100% guaranteed genuine quality. Freshi is fruit Ice creams made with a variety of fruit sorbets including: 

Strawberry, Kiwi, Raspberry, Mango, Orange, Peach, Honey-Melon, Water-Melon, Pomegranate, Black-Berry and Dates with Milk. 

“FRESHI IS guilt free ice cream… Enjoy with no worries” 

Less butter and less sugar.

Freshi Branches

  • Porto Marina

    Porto Marina


    12:00 P.M 12:00 A.M
  • Golf Porto Marina

    Golf Porto Marina


    12:00 -12:00
  • Porto El Sokhna


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