"MAMA is your place to be!"

MAMA's Story

Mama is from every loving son & daughter to their beloved mothers... recalling back the memories of the fine food your MAMA used to cook for the whole family daily we were inspired to create the concept of this one of a kind food chain.

Mama concept reflects the love induced in the food all of us as sons and daughter enjoyed while growing.... 

Do u remember the enjoyable sofra your mom and grand mom arranged on special occasions where all your loved ones gathered on one table...need to remember the smell of love coming out of the kitchen, mama is where you will find it all.

MAMA Is not just a restaurant MAMA is a food solution for the family, when you need to expose yourself and your family to your mom’s perfect dishes we are the destination, dishes that are today impossible to cook at home are daily cooked at MAMA with the same exquisite taste still remembered, inviting your friends and loved one is a total guaranteed experience as our cooks are ready with the recipe book of our founder MAMA that mainly represents the real food taste of all our moms, our restaurant is built to give you the feel of eating in your old grandmother house,,,,,

one visit to us and you will understand why we are different. 

Not only we dare to offer MAMA recipes we also are always ready to offer you full food menu that covers your home lunch or dinner we realize that more homemade food recipes are very hard to cook at home today and time consuming just give us a call and we will arrange for catering services in your house with all the food and even cutlery you remember from grandma’s house our services include regular and special menu along with full fledge service staff during your gathering at home. 

MAMA is also giving you the chance to enjoy every day homemade meal at home at the convenience of the price,,, Craving rokak, keshk, roasted duck,Tawagen…. MAMA is your place to be, and we are one call away..19002 for delivery and catering services

MAMA Branches

  • mama Nile City

    Nile City Boat El Zamalek


    12:00 P.M 12:00 A.M

Signature Dishes

Here’s a really simple meal to throw to together that’s pretty kid friendly too. It has ground beef, pasta, tons of flavor, cheese.


MAMA's Events

ماما النايل سيتي
اكلات ماما النايل
غداء ماما
mama diner
عشاء ماما
mama lunch mash away
مشاوي ماما
طواجن ماما
ارز معمر ماما
غداء او عشاء عند ماما
غداء او عشاء مع ماما

MAMA's Menu

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